Deposit Protection for Landlords.

First piece of advice.

If you did not do so within 30 days, do not protect the deposit late, it is too late, and worse, it makes it worse.

This page is for landlords who did not protect the deposit and would like to gain possession using the section 21 notice and accelerated route and have discovered that since 6th May 2012 and the introduction of new rules surrounding deposits, it is a minefield.

Protecting it late (with the DPS custodial Scheme) makes it worse because may cost you double in the short term to get the same result.

If you have protected it late in an insurance based scheme you have only lost your premium.

We help you to fix it and add £20.00 on to the cost of the section 21 notice which is £65.00 see fixed fees. The key is in the statement which we include with the Accelerated Possession court papers. Incorrect or insufficient evidence will produce a court appearance. Do it through us our way and it will sail through.

But I don't need a section 21 notice I have already served one. Yes you do, yours is invalid because you need to sort the deposit issues first.

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